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1. Does it cost any money to join the program:

No registration is free here?

2. How much money will I make?

You keep 50% of the commissions on any sales made from redeemed coupons. Commissions can range from 1-20% of the sale amount.

3.What countries are eligible:

Most of the offers are valid in the US and Canada

4. Do I need a website?

When you register you will be asked for a website but you can run all your promotions via email.

5. How am I paid?

Monthly via Check or Pay Pal

6. Do I need to know complicated computer programming?

No you will be given a link that you can insert into any email. You can always ask support for help with this part.

7. Can I use the coupons?

The person registering on behalf of your organization will not be able to use the coupons.