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News & Notes: Fundraising Ideas January 18, 2012

How Your Organization Can Benefit From Mobile Giving:

Mobile giving provides your charity or nonprofit organization a way for donors to give using SMS/text messaging. It works by allowing donors to text a keyword to a specific number. Cellular phone providers can then send the donation amount to the organization through the key industry players Mobile Giving Foundation or mGive Foundation. For more information on this innovative fundraising opportunity please visit: http://www.asmallchange.net/how-does-mobile-giving-work/

Nonprofit Creativity 101: Finding Caring Ways to Say Thank You

A good strategy for thanking your donors is a key tool for any nonprofit's arsenal. Cultivating repeat donors can be a lifeline for your fundraising cause. A good "thank you" needs to be meaningful, sincere and polite. Donors want to know their support is appreciated and more specificaly how how their donation was used. For 9 great ideas on how to thank your donors click here. http://www.nonprofitmarketingguide.com/resources/fundraising/nine-clever-ways-to-thank-your-donors/

Basic Online Marketing Tactics for Your Charity

There are four key fundamental marketing basics every nonprofit needs in order to establish and maintain an online presence. Your website must be engaging and appealing. You must have a means to drive potential donors to your web page. The functionality of your website should contain the ability to collect email addresses of web visitors. Finally your site should allow supporters the option to make and online donation.


Inspirational Fundraising Quotation

"Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving" ~ Hank Rosso