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Church & High School Fundraising Ideas

Wouldn't it be nice to run a fundraiser where you don't have to ask people for money?

Are you tired of the same old traditional fundraisers that require upfront costs, door-to-door selling and are more effort than they are worth?

Did you know that you can take advantage of the Extreme Coupon craze that is happening right NOW in your fundraising efforts? What if you could raise money by offering your supporters a "Friends & Family Discount" to popular stores like Toys r' Us, Target and Old Navy.

The best part is that there is no selling on your part. You will simply be recommending a GREAT coupon site to your supporters. A site which has access to 50,000 up-to-date and verified coupon codes that are "guaranteed to work" for more than 3,500 online retailers including The Gap, Home Depot, Expedia and many more. And you can spread the word easily from your computer using tools like email and Facebook:

Benefits To Your Non-Profit Organization

  • No door-to-door selling
  • No inventory to keep
  • No asking people for money
  • No costs to run the program
  • You can start fundraising today
  • You can help your supporters save money
  • You can compliment your current fundraising efforts using the unique advantages of the internet

Benefits To Your Supporters

  • Access to 50,000 up-to-date and verified coupon codes that are "guaranteed to work" for more than 3,500 online retailers
  • No need to worry about finding outdated and expired coupons which have no value.

Get Started in Three Easy Steps:

  1. Register Your Organization:

  2. Spread The Word:
  3. Let your supporters know you have access to exclusive shopping coupons that are guaranteed to work and can help them save on all of their purchases from their favourite stores. We even have sample emails and facebook posts you can use to spread the word. Just email me personally with "top tips" in the subject for more details ayana@instepfundraising.com.

  4. Earn Money:
  5. Every time one of your supporters redeems a coupon online. More details:

It really is that simple! Finally a fundraiser that doesn't involve bugging your supporters for money. A fundraiser that is completely free to run, with no upfront costs, no minimums to buy and certainly no left over inventory. Holiday Shopping season is upon us. Don't miss out, there is absolutely nothing to lose.

Let's Look at an example:

The at www.yorkphoto.com you can receive 40 free prints just for registering. York Photo pays a commission of $15.00 per new user. Since the portion you keep on commissions is 50% - your organization would earn $7.50 for every supporter who redeemed the 40 free prints coupon code. You also have the benefit of spreading the word via email, facebook and word of mouth. Selling traditional fundraising items usually involves being face-to-face with your supporter. With this method you'll be using the internet as a means of communication which allows you to reach a vastly larger amount of users at a faster rate. Don't forget this is just ONE offer and there are thousands to choose from.

Essential Tips For Success:

  • Focus on a specific category or store
  • Utilize free online tools like Facebook and email to spread the word to friends and family.
  • Make sure members of your organization have access to the coupons as well.
  • Email me anytime at ayana@instepfundraising.com if you need ideas, help or support.
  • Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page.
  • Learn more about Why Your Group Should Be Fundraising Online.