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News & Notes: Fundraising Ideas February 18, 2012

Free Fundraising Thermometer Template

Using a fundraising thermometer as a visual aid showing the progress towards your fundraising goal can often help encourage donors to make a contribution. It is a great way to visually share the monetary goal of your fundraiser while at the same time motivating your group to try and reach it. You also allow your supporters the ability to track and to be a part of your fundraising goal in real time. Here is a link to a free resources that can help you create your own fundraising thermometer. http://www.entropyfarm.org/software/thermo/"

Nonprofit Creativity 101: Pizza Fundraiser With A Twist

Ever hear of a Pizza Drive? Why not partner with a local pizza chain and give them some recognition in the community as well as some extra business. Let everyone in your community know you are selling pizza slices for $2.00 each to raise money for your particular cause. University and school campuses are great places to hold the event. See how many slices your supporters can drum up by inviting their friends and family as well. One of the tastiest fundraisers you will ever come across.

Choosing Which Social Media Format is Best for Your Charity

Gayle Thorsen uses a few case study style examples to help show the pros and cons social media platforms. She has been able to help a couple of nonprofit clients over the last few months who were ready to try it out. Her comparison centers around whether to go with a blog or Facebook. She provides some interesting insight into the ways your charity can benefit from becoming accustomed to these platforms and how to take advantage of their various features.


Inspirational Fundraising Quotation

"It is more rewarding to watch money change the world than to watch it accumulate" ~ Gloria Steinem