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News & Notes: Fundraising Ideas April 29, 2012

Instepfundraising.com Announces list of Top 5 Unique Fundraisers For 2012
If your charity or fundraising group has yet to utilize the power of the internet or is looking for new ways to enter the realm of online giving Instepfundraising.com's list of the top 5 unique online fundraisers for 2012 is a great place to start. The list is compiled of 5 distinctly cutting edge opportunities for non-profit groups looking to raise money using the internet and mobile giving.

Promote Your Non-Profit With Fundraising Books
Take a moment to read through some of the inspiring case studies from fundraising groups that have used Blurb to create affordable, high-quality books to further their causes. One example is of Conservation International, who used Blurb to create a professional-quality book detailing their history and showcasing their important work to their supporters.

Hole-In-One Insurance from Aviva
Add fun and excitement to your charity golf tournament by offering premium prizes for a "Hole-in-One". Insurance coverage can allow your group the ability to offer prizes worth $5000-50,000 in exchange for an affordable premium. If someone does achieve an elusive "Hole-In-One" the insurance kicks in to pay off the prizes.

Inspirational Fundraising Quotation

"You will find, as you look back on your life, that the moments that stand out are the moments when you have done things for others." - Henry Drummond