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8 Reasons why you should use Affiliate Programs.

By Bruno Delepierre

If you have a website or intend to build one, you should consider affiliate programs as a source of income from your website. It may even become your primary one if you are unable to attract paying advertisers and don’t sell a product yourself.

It’s extremely important to realise that you should only adopt affiliate programs that are consistent with the theme of your website. Currently, there are thousands of affiliate programs available offering a variety of products and services.

Now, why should you join affiliate programs?

1. No R&D costs. Joining an affiliate program is easy and above all, it’s free. With an affiliate program you do not require your own product. The merchant takes care of that. You simply sign up to the affiliate program and place links on your website. You don't need to do any long and often costly research

2. No Stock Required. The merchant whose affiliate program you are promoting holds the stock of the products. You don't participate in the actual sales process: you don't have to worry about shipping issues, payment methods. All you do is provide the merchant with a customer.

3. Low Operational Costs. As you don't have your own product and you don't need to hold stock, your costs are highly reduced. The biggest savings come in staff costs, rent, customer support and insurance etc. All you need to do is run your website and market it so more people visit your site.

4. Lower risk and diversification. Combining different affiliate programs will create multiple streams of income. That's how you can also diversify and spread your risk. If you consider promoting multiple products, a loss of profit with one product will be compensated with profit from the other ones. Also if you have your own product you can sell products that are complementary with your own one. This will not only offer extra value for your customer but also extra profit for yourself.

5. Flexibility. If you wish to change your product offering (i.e. affiliate links), you can simply replace your links. It's quick and easy.

6. Focus on marketing. As you are free of most of the hassles of having your own product, you can concentrate 100% on marketing the product and getting traffic to your website...Once your affiliate links are in place, your main concern is getting more people to your website.

7. Easy Payment. When you sell your own products or services you need to bill, handle checks and cash and even follow up payment i.e. credit control. With affiliate programs you receive a regular payment from the merchant. If you use an affiliate network, you can even combine income from different merchants allowing you to receive all your money at once.

8. Certainty. When you provide your own products and service you run the risk of failing. Affiliate programs promote products and services in demand. If you have a well visited website you are almost certain to earn commission.

There are many more reasons why affiliate programs are a wonderful method to earn a living with your website. Once you have started with affiliate marketing, you'll know what I mean...


This article has been written by Bruno Delepierre, head of Actualaffiliate.com, the one stop website for affiliate marketers. Actualaffiliate.com provides affiliate marketers with products, services and free information to increase their web revenue.