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Good Fundraising Ideas

The tools and resources available at InstepFundraising.com are intended to help your sports team, group, church, charity or high school find unique fundraising ideas that work using the world wide web. The nine key benefits of internet fundraising are; increased reach, improved safety, speed, limited risk, lower costs, guaranteed opportunities for results, greater efficiency, variety and fun.

Charity Fundraising Ideas

Looking for good fundraising ideas that don't cost a lot of money to run, are fun and that actually work. InstepFundraising.com can help. We believe the internet provides one of the best forums for fundraising to take place. You can reach a larger number of constituents more quickly and easily than you could using traditional door-to-door methods. The following article describes 9 Reasons Your Group Should be Fundraising Online and be sure to visit our favourite idea for fundraising online.

Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Ideas For Sports Teams Case Study on a field hockey team raising money for the Junior World Cup.
Charity Mall A tutorial on how to set up your own charity mall for fundraising purposes.
Fundraising News Find lots of uniques ideas from featured stories from around the globe. A "What's New" in world of online philanthropy.

Fundraising Sites

Go Fund Me This is one of our favourite sites for setting up an easy way for your supporters to contribute online.
TechSoup A central resource Hub for all things raising money online.
Ephilanthropy.org Provides training to charities for the ethical use of the Internet for philanthropy.
Raisin Provides integrated systems that centralize event management and online donation systems.

Fundraising Resources

Check out the various sections of our website for fundraising articles and resources including sections which help you to learn more about marketing your fundraiser, the advantages to fundraising online, and what mistakes to avoid when running your next fundraiser. You will also find tutorials & tips on running your next event. Instep Fundraising is here to help you reach your fundraising goals and targets.